COC for Electrical Installations

Qualified C.O.C. Compliance Certificates with combined 20 Years Experience

  • Inspection of electrical installation
  • Repair of your electrical installation if required
  • Issue of your Electrical Compliance Certificate once repairs are completed


An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is issued by a registerd and qualified electrician as a guarantee that any electrical work has been carried out to South African safety standards. Chances are that you will require an Electrical Compliance Certificate (C.O.C) at some stage if you are buying or selling property or if indeed you are making some form of insurance claim. A C.O.C must be issued by a registered professional, is only valid for 2 years and if selling a property, you will need a new Electrical Certificate in if you have had any electrical work done since your last issue. If buying property , most major Banks and main stream lenders will require a copy of a COC prior to the registration of a mortgage bond.

Our team of professionals are qualified and registered to issue electrical certificates to prove that work completed is done to the correct standards and meets all safety guidelines. We can visit your home or place of business and conduct a survey of your electrical system with ease or can provide a new C.O.C following any major electrical work completed by ourselves. Please note, small issues such as changing a plug socket or installing a light fixture will not require an electrical certification