Control Panel Drawing Designer


Magic Solutions provides electrical and instrumentation design services for a wide variety of process control and automation industries. Our designers, technicians and drafters are experienced in providing a full range of project services, including process flow diagrams (PFD), piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), panel layout drawings, loop and wiring diagrams/drawings utilizing current computer aided design and drafting (Visio) software applications.  We adhere to all specified client design standards.

Our instrumentation designers provide process control loop design alternatives, allowing our client to select the best solution for their problem. Based on the design requirements, our team can also specify and purchase the appropriate components for the solution. Magic Solutions team of designers work closely with local fabricators to have designs assembled, tested, and in many cases, field installed. We provide detailed power, instrument, and control panel designs and the required wiring diagrams per IEC specifications. IEC is our default design specification; however we will also use other international design specifications as required.

Calibration Test Case

Outotec  needed a calibration test case which they can use in the field.  After consulting Magic Solution this calibration test case was build.

The following can be measured end calibrated in  the field.

  1. Pressure, Pressure Gauges and Pressure Transmitters,
  2. Temperature, Resistor Temperature Detector and Ohm
  3. 4-20mA Display
  4. Voltage Display
  5. Potentiometer