Fault Finding

Magic Solutions  provide a variety of qualified inspection and fault finding services geared towards your electrical installations, whether domestic, commercial or industrial. With all electrical installations, safety is always our paramount concern.

Left unattended faulty electrical systems or wiring faults can become an irritation often tripping electrical circuit breakers, causing electrical outages, and inconsistent power supply problems. At worst, however faults may develop to become dangerous, resulting in electric shock or fire.Many electrical faults can happen without warning, and often without showing any particular sign, before disastrous consequences to you or your electrical system occur.

We also make use of Termal Imaging cameras instantly make those hot spots clearly visible so you can catch them in time to investigate further, plan repairs and get things fixed before they turn critical. Scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear with a thermal imager and get an instant picture of impending trouble that you likely would miss otherwise.

It is therefore important to have regular testing and maintenance carried out on your installations to ensure that systems are safe, compliant, and to reduce the potential for electrical equipment failure.Our fully qualified electricians have a vast knowledge and experience to provide electrical inspection and testing services.They can test and certify all safe electrical equipment, to keep your equipment safe and compliant with the relevant most up to date regulations, also providing advice on how to maintain standards.If equipment is deemed unsafe or not compliant, our electricians can also advise and help you to achieve the required standards by suggesting improvements or replacing faulty equipment.